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Supported Games

Brawl Stars

  • Get player statistics - battlelog history, brawlers trophy history, inventory of brawlers, gadgets, starpowers and gears.
  • Includes end of season trophy and bling calculator.
  • View club and members trophy history.
  • Analyse daily game meta and get solo pick and team pick recommendations.
  • Check current and upcoming events.
  • Check global players, clubs and ranked rankings.
  • Learn about brawlers and their powers with tips and changelogs.

Clash Royale

  • Get player statistics including win rate, trophy graphs, battlelog, deck stats.
  • Check upcoming chests, card collection, badges and achievements.
  • Analyse daily meta decks and filter by pick rate and win rate.
  • Check current and upcoming challenges and tournaments.
  • Learn about cards and their powers.
  • Check global path of legends players, clan and clan war rankings.

Clash of Clans

  • Get player statistics including unlocked army troops, spells, heroes and achievements in home village, builder base and clan capital.
  • View clan and members stats consisting of trophy history, war log, donation history, clan capital raid contributions.
  • Check current clan war and clan war league stats for each round.
  • View global and country player and clan rankings including legend league stats.