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#209QVRCJQ Closed

clan badge ⚡яaƒa'ѕ✨ѕqua∂⚡


Leader ® A F A Y A T ♥ ( 1,658)

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level Level 12
trophy Points 829
trophy-builder-base Builder Base Points 1037
trophy-clan-capital Clan Capital Points 51
Clan Capital League Unranked
War Wins 156
War Win Streak 0
War Frequency always
Is WarLog Public No
Current Clan War League
Location Bangladesh
Chat Language English
Required Town Hall Level 15
trophy Required Trophies 4300
trophy-builder-base Required Builder Base Trophies 0
Family Friendly No
Capital Hall Level 6
Districts Level
Capital Peak 6
Barbarian Camp 3
Wizard Valley 3
Balloon Lagoon 2
Builder's Workshop 2
Dragon Cliffs 1
Clan Capital Raid Info

Members (1 / 50)

RANK Member trophy Trophies trophy-builder-base Builder Base Trophies League Builder Base League Role level Level donate-troops Donations (current season) donate-troops Donations Received (current season)
1 ® A F A Y A T ♥ 1,658 2,074 Unranked Unranked Brass League III Leader 166 0 0