Jun 24, 2024 Official Google Play App is now available!


May 29, 2024 News

Squad Busters Goes Global

Today is the day, now is the time – SQUAD BUSTERS HAS GONE GLOBAL!
Apr 30, 2024 News

Football Superstar Erling Haaland Becomes Playable Character in Clash of Clans

Fans will be able to play as Haaland in Clash of Clans from Wednesday May 1st and enjoy a host of football-themed features appearing in the game throughout the month, including special troop characters and medal events.
Apr 25, 2024 News

Greetings from the Makers of Squad Busters

We started with a simple idea: what if you could mix and match different characters from different genres and universes and see how they work together? We wanted to create a game that was fun, creative, and diverse, and that gave you the freedom to customize your squad to suit your play style and preferences.
Apr 11, 2024 News

Rolling out New Store Features

We are rolling out new features for an even better overall player experience across our games and the Store. 
Apr 8, 2024 News

Squad Busters is Soft-Launching on April 23rd

We have exciting news to share about Squad Busters!
Mar 14, 2024 News

Clash Mini Ending Development

Ever since the launch of Clash Mini into its Beta, we have strived for one simple thing: to make the best game we could. Our dream is to create great games that as many people as possible play for years and that are remembered forever. Today, we made the decision to end the development of Clash Mini, which was a good game but not the game that would ultimately fulfill our dream.
Mar 12, 2024 News

See You at GDC 2024?

The annual Game Developers Conference is around the corner. Over 50 Supercellians are attending from all our offices. Come spot the colorful hoodies and listen to a talk by two Franks!
Feb 14, 2024 Ilkka's Long Text

Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable

It's Monday, August 28th, 2023, the first day of Supercell’s annual company offsite, and I'm about to give maybe the harshest presentation to everyone at Supercell that I've ever given. Public speaking has never been my favorite activity (to say the least), but this time I am even more nervous than usual.

It Takes a Village to Build Clash of Clans!

I’m Stuart, General Manager of the Clash of Clans team. This is an update on some behind-the-scenes changes we’ve made to the team recently. TLDR: we’ve grown our team a bunch to make Clash better, and faster.
Nov 28, 2023 News

Congrats to the New World Champions!

We congratulate the new world champions – Zeta Division for Brawl Stars, Clash Champs for Clash of Clans, and Mugi for Clash Royale!
Nov 16, 2023 News

Supercharging Our Leadership Team

Sara Bach started as the Head of Live Games in October, and Fernanda Romano is joining Supercell as CMO.
Oct 23, 2023 News

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale Are Now Officially Available on PC!

Supercell’s evergreen mobile games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are now globally playable on PC via Google Play Games (beta)!
Oct 11, 2023 News

mo.co - Supercell's Leap Into the Unknown

To our players in the United States with Android phones - we invite you to join us and help shape the future of mo.co during their early stage beta testing, coming late October 2023.
Oct 10, 2023 News

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale Will Become Available on PC via Google Play Games

Starting today, Supercell’s globally beloved mobile games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are playable on PC for the first time via Google Play Games (beta). These two games are available now as a soft launch in Canada, Chile and Singapore, and will be rolling out to all Google Play Games users in these countries today.
Oct 9, 2023 News

The Next Step for Community Sites

Starting in October of 2023, we are allowing fan sites within our Creator Program to begin offering premium services on their site.
Aug 24, 2023 News

Floodrush Ending Development

It is with a heavy heart that, after much consideration, we decided to discontinue the development of Floodrush. While this may not be the news you were hoping for, we want you to know that we didn't make this decision lightly.
Aug 15, 2023 Level Up

Level Up Shanghai – Apply Now!

We are thrilled to announce our program Level Up is back! After the first program in Helsinki Finland, this time we will move to Shanghai China!
May 3, 2023 News

Better Games Together: One Year on and Going Strong

With this year’s Pride Month just around the corner, we wanted to take stock of how Better Games Together started, where we are now, and our aspirations for the future.